Giftgarden 11'' Madonna And Child Figurine Virgin Mary Holding Baby Jesus Statue Christmas Decorations For Home Christmas Gift

Giftgarden 11'' Madonna And Child Figurine Virgin Mary Holding Baby Jesus Statue Christmas Decorations For Home Christmas Gift
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Best seller Greek Mythology  Perseus Bronze Sculpture with good quality marble base figurines



Detailed story about this Sculpture:

Perseus , the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty of Danaans there, was the first of the heroes of Greek mythology whose exploits in defeating various archaic freaks provided the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians. Perseus was a Demi-God, the Greek hero who killed the Gorgon Medusa, and claimedAndromeda, having rescued her from a sea freak sent by Poseidon. Cassiopeia declaring that her daughter, Andromeda, was more beautiful than the Nereids is what initially resulted in Andromeda being plagued by Poseidon\'s sea freak.

Everything stems from a story oracle: oracle told A Gaussian King Yakelixi Oswald (Akrisios), pointed out that his grandson would take away his throne and murdered his life. So he put his glamorous daughter Danae) and her son with Zeus Pa Hughes (Peseus) - the Lord God Zeus Danae beauty obsessed, and into a burst of gold falls onto her body so that she cherished God\'s flesh Pa Hughes together in a box and cast off the sea.

Zeus guided all the way through the big storm box, the last tide it to the island of Cyprus, the island is Atlantis and Pori Dirk Dick Walters (Polydectes) two brothers ruled the land. King Pori Dirk Benitez shelter Danae and Perseus two Pago mother, while Dick Tis then treat them. Pori Dirk Masters later fascination with Danae, but because of the presence of Pa bothered by Dionysius.


Pa Hughes to grow year after year, becoming physically strong young man. King Pori Dirk Benitez command on the island of devotion to him horses, horses are very rare and precious in the local, to get rid of Pa Hughes, he encouraged Pa Hughes venture out, while the youth is par Matthews quite willing, he answer, send the freak Medusa (Medusa) head should be higher, even if he is taken to the gift, it will not refuse. Pori Dirk Matthews Pa Benitez will not miss this speech. He believes that as long as Pa Hughes died, he can marry Danae, so although the king commands presented other young horses, have brought Medusa heads Pa Hughes.

 (Sthenno), (Euryale, confused woman in the vast land of the meaning) and Medusa (Medusa) is a family of three sisters Gauguin. These Gauguin family, Greeks believe they live in the land the sun sets in the west end, Hess Perris park nearby.

They made one snake with immortal body, the body covered with metallic lin A mouth full as boar tusks Minister, who hand full of metal, and long have Sailing with wind gold wings. As long as others see them horrible appearance, immediately turned into stone.


Three sisters, only Medusa did not get immortality, why this is so, the legendary Medusa was originally a beautiful hair of women, and was beloved of Poseidon, because she and wave at the Athenaeum Cypriot winter intercourse, loving pure Athena Medusa which will become ugly female basilisk. Since Medusa was originally a person can not become immortal. And there are prophecies Medusa with her sisters fate back different, she will eventually end up decapitated in the end ......


And look at this demigod Perseus Pa, Medusa, though not dead, but such a freak, he is the body of mankind, but also how to match. There is a saying, Pa Hughes only question to the gods, Hades gave him an invisible hat, a wear overhauled stealth; God Hermes lend him a pair of winged sandals, a long distance can immediately reach places; Athena then lent him to the bottle into Medusa heads (Kibisis) with a piece of advice: mortal saw Medusa, immediately turned to stone. It is not directly confront her, if there is no relationship between the reflected image, so the goddess gave him a mirror, the other argument is a face worn shiny shield.


Pal Matthews then came basilisk Gauguin female family place to live and found them sleeping. He remembered the advice of Athena, leaning on shield reflect, recognize the figure of Medusa, quickly cut off her head. When Medusa\'s head dropped, blood gushing from her birth of giant g law Sa Russia ears (Chrysaor) and Pegasus, flew out.


At this time, Medusa\'s two sisters were awakened, down from the bed and found a corpse killed his sister, and immediately flew aerial chase assailants. But the head of the stealth cap to help Pa Hughes, how they can not see him. He used the winged Hermes flying shoes, big wind Dangzhuo him, make him swing around, along with the head of Medusa bladder also like oozing blood dripping in the Libyan desert wilderness, then into a variety colored snakes. Since then, Libya, Trinidad and Tobago where poisonous viper and the harm


Pal Matthews has been westward flight, arrive Atlas Atlas (Atlas) supporting world places. Atlas to see in-flight Pa Hughes, asking him to look at Him Medusa heads, because they support the world is too hard, not top down. Pa Hughes took the head of Medusa, Atlas then turned into a mountain, and the mountain is held Northwest Africa A Las mountains.